Mermaid Sighting: Florida Mermaid!

Our sighting this week comes from Mermaid Cottages’ very own Mermaid Jan! She’s on the road and spotted not one, but two lovely mermaids! Here’s what Jan had to say:

“While visiting Florida sighted this Mermaid at restaurant – the thing was 5 ft tall – the artist was a local – this is totally RECYCLED ART – He starts with plastic grocery store bags, shapes with tape then covers in building compound paints – amazingly lightweight – and would have sold it to me for $50.00 – I got his business card – hmmm where did I put that? Really cool The Conch Republic Restaurant in Reddington Beach was pretty cool in itself!”

WOW Jan – not just a mermaid, but an awesome eco-friendly one! The sign is pretty cool, too! Thank you so much for sharing these with us!

Have you seen a mermaid? Well, we’d love to hear about it! Please send you sightings to and allow us to share your sighting with our readers. We can’t wait to see your mermaid discoveries!