Guest Pet Blogger: The World According To Maddie

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, Mermaid Cottages loves our pet guests!  We love them so much we always make sure there’s a fresh supply of our famous Beach Bum Biscuits and complimentary Guest Pet Tags to welcome them.

One of our recent pet guests had such a howling good time we invited her to be a Guest Pet Blogger for our Beach Bum Biscuits Dog Tales on Facebook.  Here to share her terrific Tybee adventures and tales from her most recent Tybee Tides Cottage visit is Maddie.  Take it away, Maddie!

Miss Diane asked my mommy if I’d share my Tybee trips with other dogs so they’d be as informed as their human parents.  As you can see from the pictures I like to stay at Tybee Tides.  There is a great fenced yard for playing ball and I even know where to look for the tennis balls Mom left on our first visit two years ago.  The front porch is perfect for naps and dog watching.  Because it’s on the marsh my parents love the view, especially the sunsets.  I prefer to check out all the dogs that walk past with their humans.

It is easy to make new friends on Tybee, both human and dog.  I have met a lot of guests on the island, as well as locals.  On my last visit, May 26-June 5, I finally got to meet Miss Diane’s dogs, Danny and Sophie!

A good way to make friends is to take your humans on very long walks.  I always enjoy the back river pier where my parents usually see some dolphins playing and get all excited ( this is a good time to ask for another Beach Bum Biscuit because they aren’t paying attention to how many you’ve already had!).

On the subject of Beach Bum Biscuits, and it is always a good subject, be sure to locate the fresh jar that will be in your cottage.  This is important so you know where to sit and look expectedly.  My Mommy always stops at Seaside Sisters to buy bags to take home and also buys extra bags to take as gifts for my friends back in Orlando, FL.  I’m glad she doesn’t expect me to share mine!

Tybee Island and Mermaid Cottages is my #1 choice for vacation.  I give it 4 paws and a tail up!  I hope to be there this fall and will tell my parents to take more pictures.  Until then, happy sniffing to all!

Madeline Belle Reed