Like Looking In A Mirror

One of our newest pet friendly Mermaid Cottages is Made In The Shade.  Yesterday, we posted a photo of a mirror on display in our beautiful Tybee Island bungalow and it got an immediate response.

Mermaid friends Melissa and Alan recently returned from a wonderful vacation to Rome, Italy.  While there they rented an apartment and hanging on the wall in that Italian apartment?  Bellissima!

Rome, Italy


Tybee Island, GA

Mama Mia!

What do you think?

We say when in Rome…do as the Tybee Islanders do…

Hang a great mirror and you’ve got it made in the shade!

Arrivederci, Roma!  Ahoy, Tybee!

…and to Melissa and Alan?

Grazie tanto, y’all!