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June 12, 2011

1001 Ways To Get Tybee-ized: Tybee Flotilla!

In the Navy?  Nope!  It’s the TYBEE FLOTILLA 2011!


Sunday, June 12

11 AM-4 PM

Here’s your invitation from Tybee Flotilla 2011

We shove off from Alley III at 1130am sharp on Sunday June 12th, make a pit stop by Criminal Island until the tide covers, and end at The Crab Shack by 330pm. Please do not stop reading here. The next part is the most important. A few things are going to change in an effort to make this event more safe. I’m sure we all can agree that safety is #1! If you do not agree please do not attend. Last year I made the request that everyone attach a life jacket to their raft. This year is no different. Although they may not be required by law, it definately provides a ring of safety! Also, the !Floatilla! does require some paddleing and swimming depending on the current and wind. When we shove off you will need to paddle out to the middle of the Back River in an attempt to get into the current. Boats and kayaks are encouraged and I ask that everyone looks out for their fellow floater! I am going to try to get the Marine Rescue Squad, Tybee Island Ocean Rescue, and the Coast Guard to assist. For those of you who doubt the popualrity of this event please look at the pictures…they will expain! Once we enter Chimney Creek, there is a dock that has a slide on it. This is private property. It is less than 6 feet at low tide….I BEG you not to jump/slide off. Last year a two girls got landed on by a 200lb+ guy….it wasnt pretty. When we arrive at the Crab Shack there will be volenteers there to help everyone get out the water. Please wait your turn and use the ladder. There were a few guys/girls who got cut on the barnicles trying to pull theirselves up. Once you get on the dock the volenteers will be funneling you off the docks. We CAN NOT stay on the docks like last year. There will be a float break down area in the parking lot. This will end the event….please take care of the Crab Shack becasue they do not have to let us use our docks and they have donated money to the cause every time! 

ALCOHOL: What’s a day on the water without an alcholic beverage? I always bring an extra float to sit my cooler in. All I ask if for everyone to use moderation and be 21 or over. Alcohol+heat+salt water=drunk. We have only had one or two problems with alcohol related issues so please drink in moderation. Remember this !Floatilla! is on a Sunday. I heard nothing but great remarks last year about how no one could believe that there was no litter in the water. tes, we have a few bad apples but i saw other floaters picking up after them which was great! Let’s keep up the good reputation…..


PARKING: Two options! 1. park at the Crab Shack and either hitch a ride to Alley III or call 912 786 CRAB. 2. Park at Alley III and hitch a ride back to Alley III from the Crab Shack or call 912 786 CRAB. They will have cabs available all day. Please if you park at the Crab Shack, park all the way in the back so we do not disturd the paying customers parking.

ALL proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House. This is how we raise money…please bring cash with you. Koozies will also be sold. They were a huge hit last year! Koozies are $5. Designs will be posted when available. If you cant attend and just want to donate to the !Floatilla! “Will Float for Kids” send a check to 1810 Walthour Road Savannah Ga 31410 and make the check out to the Ronald McDonald House. If you dont want to float come join us for sunday Funday at the Crab Shack at 3pm. Last but not least, we will have collection points at Alley III and the Crab Shack for tabs from cans. Please start saving now.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Coastal Empire

Tybee Flotilla 2011

Beach Bum Biscuits: PUPPY LOVE

A new pet friendly cottage is coming soon to downtown Savannah.

This vintage, cozy cottage is a tribute to the craftsmen and artisans of a bygone era.  It’s a love letter from our sirens of the sea to the gem of the south, Savannah.

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