Tybee Sea Turtle Season Off and Running!


We are so excited! Sea turtle season here on Tybee Island began back in May and we already have four nests! The workers and volunteers of the Tybee Sea Turtle Project have been out each morning on their dawn patrols, diligently scouting the beaches to make sure nests are discovered and cared for properly.

So far, two nests have been discovered in the North Beach area of the island. There have also been two documented nests in the mid-island area around the 7th and 8th Street crossovers. Only one false crawl has occurred and that was right in front of the De Soto Hotel. A false crawl is when a turtle comes on land but, for some reason, does not leave a nest. No one really knows what might cause a false crawl, but it could certainly be light pollution or noise in the beach area. Of course, false crawls are common in undeveloped areas as well. The best thing we can do to help our sea turtles nest successfully is to be respectful of them! Make sure to turn off lights after dark, keep the noise down, and remove anything from the beach that may be blocking the dunes. Doing these things will help nesting mothers go about their business without being disturbed.


photos thanks to the Tybee sea Turtle Project!

We are proud to say Mermaid Cottages does everything we can to make each and every one of our cottages sea turtle friendly. We are so proud of the efforts everyone makes, here at Mermaid Cottages and island wide. We are also super proud of our efforts to help Tybee’s sea turtles through the sales of our Mermaid Morning Bliss Coffee! We provide a supply of our coffee in each cottage for you to enjoy during your stay and you can also stop by Seaside Sisters and pick up a bag or two to take home! Feel good knowing, too, that each time you stay with us, you are helping us help our sea turtles!


You can take home some Mermaid Morning Bliss of your own!

If you want to keep up to date on all the latest Tybee sea turtle news, make sure you follow the Tybee Sea Turtle Project on Facebook. Also, stay tuned to our blog because we always share the latest news right here, with you! Tybee Island’s sea turtle season is off and running, and we can’t wait to see what happens next!