Seeing Bellamy: A SOCIAL Event

by Cottage Cheese

I remember seeing my first Bellamy. I was visiting Tybee Island and staying in one of my favorite Mermaid Cottages, Dutton-Waller Cottage.  I was already very excited to see the all white kitchen I had recently read about in Southern Living and I remember just propping back on the counter opposite the wonderful farm sink and taking it all in.  As my eyes tried to absorb the entire kitchen at once my sight path was interrupted by this lush, warm, savory reddish-orange hued painting of  shrimp.  It was huge and my mouth watered thinking about how that freshly boiled, buttery and salty shrimp would taste and I could just imagine the wet butter sliding down my chin and staining the front of my shirt.  Some things are worth the trouble.

The next day I visited Mermaid Manor, the headquarters for Mermaid Cottages, and I saw this huge painting of  an oyster shell that perfectly set the aqua and sea foam palette for the room and it felt as if I had just slurped the fresh raw oyster from its shell.  Somehow, I could taste the horseradish and cocktail sauce and hot sauce combination I always slather my raw oysters in before I set them atop a saltine and devour a dozen of them in quick, rapid-fire succession.  Wow.

Later that week, I visited an art show on the Isle of  Hope and I could hardly believe my eyes.  There were scores of these same style paintings carefully toted, but proudly displayed by people walking towards parked cars.  Color me happy.  The mother lode.

And, to top it all off I finally got to meet the person behind the expressive signature I had observed on the paintings.  Bellamy.  Bellamy Murphy.  The Bellamy. The artist.  I’m always awed by artists and artisans who create.  She is a beautiful person, a beautiful artist and a beautiful talent.  I could hardly put words together.

Now, you have a wonderful opportunity to meet Bellamy and attend an art show of her works.  The First Friday Art Walk is Friday, June 3 and the Tybee Island Social Club is hosting a public reception from 5 to 7 PM.  Come enjoy complimentary wine, meet Bellamy and be fascinated by her art.  For those of you that have seen her work (or better yet are lucky enough to own one or more) you know how fabulous this will be.

Do you remember seeing a Bellamy for the first time?

The First Friday Art Walk will be going on at several places in addition to the Bellamy Art Show at SOCIAL.  Come out to the North End Shopping district and enjoy wonderful local art, amazing local food, and some pretty awesome shopping.

There will be street parking available, but we really encourage biking or car pooling if possible! Please, don’t miss the very first 1st Friday Art Walk! We hope to see you there- it’s going to be a great fun filled night full of fabulous art!

It’s art that expresses and entertains and educates.

It’s Cottage Cheese.

Don’t worry.  I’m still tossing curds and doing it my whey!