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Mermaids in Our Midst: Send a Smile!

photo from The Send and Mend Experiment on Facebook

Mermaid Cottages is super excited to share a great project with you! The Send and Mend Experiment on Facebook is a way for you to send encouragement and a smile to pretty much anyone who may need it!

Our friend Troy let us know about this wonderful project when he decided to share the link to our post about our good friend Leonard Miller. The mission of The Send and Mend Experiment is to use something as simple as a greeting card to change as many lives and heal as many hearts as possible! There isn’t really a better reason that that, now is there?


This is a great way to take just a minute and make some else’s day a little brighter. Make sure you check out The Send and Mend Experiment on Facebook. Send a card and make someone smile today!

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