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Mermaids in Our Midst: Poetry!

It’s not very often we receive poetry in our email…and it is even less often that we receive poetry about Mermaid Cottages! Jamie Harris, one of our fabulous fans from Chattanooga, Tennessee, sent us this fabulous poem she wrote herself. We loved it so much, of course we had to share it here with all of you!

Here I sit in my office dreary…

Dreaming of Tybee, so light and cheerie

The sounds of the Island, the crash of the waves

Glad of the vacation, my company gave…


This Vacation, will not put me in debt

I rented from mermaids! The best I bet!

So swift and prompt, were their replies

I count down the calendar as days go by!


For soon in the car, all our stuff will be packed

Beach Bum Biscuits, our doggies will snack.

Over the hills, and through small towns

Our GPS system, will keep us bound.


The Sun will rise, on the eastern coast

Tybee Island! Will a new day boast!

Bring to us, laughter and fun!

Mermaid Cottages, will be your number one!


You can have your resorts, your casino’s, your cruise

For me it’s Tybee, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Remember your camera, and your sunscreen too…

Look out Mermaids, were coming for you!!!

Jamie's nephew, Thomas, and Jamie enjoying a day on Tybee Island!

Isn’t that wonderful?! Jamie, thank you so much for sharing your talent with us, and for being such a big fan! We can’t wait to see you on Tybee soon!


1 thought on “Mermaids in Our Midst: Poetry!”

  1. Awesome poem, that is my daughter and that is my grandson… years ago, and here we come back in the fall this time… October, here wecome.

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