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Mermaid Cottages on Tybee Island, GA is proud to report Boomer, our current puppy in training to become a Guide Dog, is settling in to college life!

Boomer’s away at the Guide Dog Foundation For The Blind Training campus in New York and he’s hard at work on his studies and training.  In addition to his classroom studies, Boomer will be regularly taken out into the field with a handler so that he can learn to cope with the sights, sounds and smells of the world.  This includes trips into the city areas where there is lots of traffic, public transportation, escalators, cross walks and everything he’ll encounter when he’s on duty.

Boomer has been praised for his hard work and calm personality as he has gotten used to the other trainees and their kennels and their handlers.  He’s a special young lad, but we can’t overlook the importance of the training and socialization he learned from Sandy, his “walker”, during his first 15 months of training.

Raising, socializing and training puppies to become Guide Dogs and Service Dogs for persons with disabilities is a labor of love.  It’s one of our favorite types of service projects and it’s a wonderful way for our guests to enjoy Voluntourism as members of our Mermaid Cottages family.

Do y’all remember when Boomer last visited and dropped by to meet the folks down at The Lady and Sons in Savannah?

He also dropped by Seaside Sisters to help promote the sales of our all natural Beach Bum Biscuits which helps provide support and sponsorship of our guide dog training program.  Watch a video of his visit here.

It’s been our honor and our privilege to follow along as Boomer has advanced on his incredible journey to someday provide Second Sight to a deserving person with disabilities.

It won’t be long now before he’ll graduate from school,  meet his new forever friend and together they’ll forge ahead with all the joy and gusto of a life fulfilled.

Go forth, young Boomer.  Your higher learning will prepare you for your higher calling.  Well done.

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