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BOOMER: Leaving On A Jet Plane

At Mermaid Cottages the mermaids really do make a difference…even the mer-puppies we sponsor make a difference since they are  to be trained for service as Guide Dogs and Service Dogs for persons with disabilities.

Our current puppy in training is Boomer, a now 16 month old Golden Retriever.  Boomer has spent his early development under the tutelage of his “Walker”, Sandy.  Sandy, a very busy and accomplished executive, has raised and nurtured several puppies through their public socialization training and early harness skills development and now it’s time for Boomer to enter “Guide Dog College.”

By the time you read this Boomer will have boarded his flight from Orlando, FL to New York and upon completion of his studies he will be matched to a person with disabilities who is anxiously waiting this very gifted young lad.













Yes, Boomer is getting closer and closer to fulfilling his destiny.  If we could ask him what he thinks about his life of service we imagine he might even quote Lady Gaga, “I was born this way!”

Boomer is leaving on a jet plane.  His higher calling requires higher education and he’ll be trained and handled by the best.  He’s got a very important forever friend waiting for him.  He’s also got all of us wishing him well,too.

Well done, young Boomer!




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