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You Gonna Eat All That? The Spice Fusion Of Sol

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What a day for a daydream!

Last week was one of those sets of days when I really appreciated the refuge of the Georgia coast.  It seems I spend a great deal of my time these days negotiating a cease fire with the indignities of middle age… even though I’m sure I informed the universe I would not be participating in the aging process some time ago.


Luckily the sands of time have not buried my love of a good meal and on a recent foray into Savannah with my favorite assortment of mermaids and seaside sisters, I enjoyed a delicious expedition into the world of spices courtesy of Sol Restaurant.   Tucked away in what once was an old service station on Habersham, Sol still sports garage doors that identify the dining space.

My meal was so spectacular I won’t spend my time trying to remember what any of my

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The fusion cuisine is even more interesting than the setting.

friends ate.  It was just that good.  I chose the Potato and Seitan Flat.  Sol’s Flats are served on homemade flat bread with turkey toppings.  My selection contained green apple and sage seitan sausage, paper thin red skin potatoes and yams, Monterey jack cheese, saffron onions, mushrooms, green apples, roasted red peppers, garlic, cilantro and scallions!  What most amazed me is that Sol’s fusion style did not cover up any of the flavors.  With each bite I could taste the individual ingredients and theyall got along perfectly, as well.

Even though I was delirious with my choice and wanted to be selfish, I so enjoyed my dining companions that I made sure to let them slice off little nibbles here and there.  The consensus was unanimous.  Sol’s flat breads are amazing!

Now, my best advice to make sure you enjoy the Sol experience is to plan to spend the time.  It’s a tony space with lots of folks wanting to get in.  Be prepared to wait for your table and then know there will be another little wait for your foods to be prepared to order.  As with all good things it pays to be patient.  I can’t wait to go back several times and work my way through their menu.  Just make sure you include good friends with your visit.  You’ll enjoy the gabfest and the laughter and the food will make for a perfect outing!

And, as y’all know by now, one sure way to have a wonderful visit to Savannah and Tybee Island is to ask a mermaid for recommendations.  In the usual mermaid fashion she’ll go Swish! Swish! Poof! and all your wants and needs are sated in style!

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