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Nest No. 2: Tybee Sea Turtles are on the Move!

There’s wonderful news on the Tybee Island sea turtle front today! Our very own Jan and Bobby Meyer (on their very first patrol!) and the hard working people with the Tybee Sea Turtle Project discovered a new nest last Thursday morning! That’s nest number two for the island so far, and we are SO excited! Here’s the post from the Tybee Sea Turtle Project’s Facebook page:

Photo credited to the Tybee Island Sea Turtle Project Facebook Page

“We have nest #2 this morning! It is located in front of Officers Row. This is the area to the south of Gullick Street at North Beach. The original nest was located at the rack line; Tammy relocated it to the dune area.”

How wonderful, and what a beautiful picture! Although this is number two for Tybee, the state of Georgia has recorded 230 nests since April, when the first nest was found on Cumberland Island. Want to know how you can help? Make sure to check out our post about ways to help protect these amazing animals, because it’s so important to make our island (and entire coast) a safe place for them!

And if you want to make sure to hear all the latest sea turtle news, and see more amazing pictures, make sure to follow Tybee Sea Turtle Project on Facebook!

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