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Month: June 2012

Tybee Style’n

Jennifer Knox & Mom on a Pirate Pedicab

Last Saturday was the Tybee Tour of Homes.These two ladies caught my attention in the middle of my docent duties. Hiring Pirate Pedicab was a brilliant cost-effective way to see the homes on tour. They were style’n for sure. It reminded me of the endless creativity that New Yorker’s draw from to make their lives easier. Brilliant!

For sure our own Dutton Waller cottage was a popular favorite. I was conscripted by Diane to work the front of the house to greet our guests. I quickly fell into it and discovered another tool in my skill set, Docent.

In all it was a great day the weather cooperated and the dogs remained  asleep in air-conditioned bliss in the laundry room. I’ll look forward to this event next year for sure.


Uncle Bubba’s

Uncle Bubba's Oyster House

Just so you know, as healthy as I tend to be with food choices there is the occasional fall from grace. This one was worth the fall. I was invited last week to have dinner with Diane Kaufman and Joy Pohjelainen. The task at hand was to try a few things on the menu at the newly refurbished Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House. The photo of me is proof that I do cheat every once  in a while. The spoon I’m holding has crab stew in it and was delicious. Now that I’ve achieved my goal weight my nutritionist encourages cheating. We also tried their Char grilled oysters. They are spectacular! My entrée was simply grilled Mahi Mahi and was equally perfect. Given my chosen profession (interior Designer) I also found the interior to be well done. It is a tasteful nod to low country charm and a compliment to Tybee Island just a few miles down the road. There is a gift shop strategically located so you won’t miss it. They can easily handle large parties. We were there on a busy night and only had a short wait with a reservation in place. I would heartily recommend this restaurant.

Enjoy! ~ Riptide

Bill @ Uncle Bubba's

Live Like a Local: More Sea Turtle Nests for Tybee Island!

It’s been a busy week or so for Tybee! The last few days of May, volunteers Earnest, Pat, and Ann with the Tybee Sea Turtle Project found three sea turtle crawls! One has even been marked as a possible nest!

So far this year, Tybee Island now has four nests. Tybee has never had this many nests in May before, so hopefully this is a good sign that we will have a record sea turtle nesting season!

Find more beautiful pictures on the Tybee Sea Turtle Project Facebook Page!

Just yesterday morning, Mermaid Cottages’ own Jan and Bobby Meyer had a hand in the discovery of two crawls! There was even a report from a jogger that he had sighted a loggerhead leaving the ocean for the sand during his evening run, so the good people with the Tybee Sea Turtle Project are hoping to discover another nest soon!

To keep up with the island’s latest sea turtle news, make sure to stay tuned to our blog, and head over to follow the official Tybee Sea Turtle Project Facebook Page!

Mermaid Sighting: Lovely Mermaids Reflected in St. Augustine

Everyone here at Mermaid Cottages loves sharing mermaid sightings! We love seeing new pictures from all over come in, and how unique and beautiful they are. This week’s sighting comes from Mary A.; though Mary is from Savannah, she was out for the day with friends in St. Augustine, Florida when she spotted this gorgeous mermaid!

St. Augustine is full of beautiful shops and loads of history. Mary tells us this lovely mirrored maiden was hiding in a window nook right inside the garden door of a sweet little vintage shop. She certainly reflects that, doesn’t she? She’s just beautiful Mary, thank you for sharing!

Have you seen a mermaid? Well, we’d love to hear about it! Please send us your mermaid sightings and stories! You can send your sightings to, then keep your eyes peeled, because your sighting could be the next featured right here on our blog!

Tybee Island Wedding Chapel

Tybee Island Wedding Chapel

Today was the second opening ceremony for the Tybee Island Wedding Chapel. About thirty people were in attendance for the ribbon cutting ceremony. This Chapel is the subject of a recent film “The Last Song” staring Miley Cyrus , Liam Hemsworth Greg Kinnear and Tybee of course.

Admittedly I haven’t seen the film yet. I was chatting with one of the attendees whom gave away this detail. The church was burned several times in the making of the movie. The steeple from that church is featured on the property adjacent to the newly renovated Chapel.

This new facility will bring a new market to Tybee. The destination wedding  now has a new spot on it’s map. I’m sure that vacation rental business’ like our Mermaid Cottages will benefit greatly from the year round wedding business. This should shrink the seasonal Business gap considerably. This addition to the recreational activity that Tybee offers will surely prove to be a credit to the city.

The facility has a large banquet hall downstairs from the Chapel itself. The Chapel is very beautiful. Click on the link above. Their picture of the interior is far better than mine. All details for capacity etc. can be found there. There are rooms for bride and groom that are adjacent to the chapel and well appointed. They are designed to suit the needs of the most discerning modern couple.

Happy Planning! Rip Tide

The press in attendance


Heart Shaped Rose Wreathes
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony