Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

A Tybee Island Selfie Guide


Folds & Ghiloni photo of Baby Scout
Baby Scout’s first Tybee visit by Folds & Ghiloni

Be selfish with your selfies!  It’s time we all plug-in and take inventory of every day we have.  We owe it to ourselves to be present, to create and share as much love and laughter as we can muster and to make great memories.  Mermaid Cottages is sharing our favorite people and places for photos so you can create a Tybee Island Selfie Guide.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo traveler, an intimate couple, a small family, a large clan or even a group of friends.  We’ve got each day to make something special happen, so let’s make sure we take wonderful photos to make the good times last longer!

Roxanne Lark's photo of Tybee boats.
photo by Roxanne Lark, Mermaids Who Create 2014

Picture this.  You’ve been landlocked for longer than you care to remember and then you come across the Lazaretto Creek Bridge. It’s the bridge that will take you from the stresses of your everyday life onto a little slip of a barrier island that’s the farthest most point on the east coast.  You’re about to be really good to yourself.  Stop and take a photo so you’ll get your first free pass to the Clue Bus, “I will make the choice to be happy for today.”

Lisa Wilson Mermaids Who Create 2014 Tybee Cat
Lisa Wilson, Mermaids Who Create 2014, invited Old Gray to pose during her visit to Fiddlers on the Creek circa 1940

Next, you fell in love with a cottage on our website, but nothing will prepare you for the first time you see it in person.  Perhaps you’re a solo traveler, a couple in love or just a small family pod who need some alone time together.  You’re sure to have chosen one of our cozy little fishing cabins like Fiddler on the Creek circa 1940.  It’s back away from the rest of the world with just four rooms to fulfill your fantasy getaway.  It’s been lovingly furnished by Pearl the Yellow Lab and Katie, her human.  Don’t worry about being hidden from the rest of the world.  There’s a blue-gray Tybee cat who pops in to check on you and to make sure you’re enjoying the visit.  The glorious covered dock sits directly on the salt marsh where you’ll be serenaded by the rustlings of the marsh grass with ovations from the clacking shellfish.


Tybee Sunset by Lee Penrod
A beautiful Tybee Island Sunset photo by Lee Penrod.


Slide your kayak in at high tide and paddle on out to where the sun starts to slip beneath the horizon.  Commemorate your first night in paradise with a selfie on the sea.  There are many more wonderful adventures waiting to meet you during your visit.  But, for now give yourself a hug, think about someone’s memory you keep in your heart and know that in this moment this is a journey.  It’s your special day.

Tybee beach walk by Willa Johnson
Willow Johnson captured this moment to remember in Tybee Island.

Wow.  We’ve only just begun.  This is just the first blog in the series because there’s no way anyone could ever complete a Tybee Island Selfie Guide in just one post.  Come along and help us create and update this list.  There’s always a new street, a section of beach and a path of life you’ve never stepped on before.  Picture yourself here.

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