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All My Romance Needs Is You

all my romance needs is youEver catch yourself thinking, “All my romance needs is you…”?  Thinking of that someone special you wish would come along and set the fairy tale in motion?  Sometimes, it may feel as if you’re talking to the walls.  Does the universe ever listen?  Who’s gonna rock your cosmic aura and bring you the moon and the stars?  Well, you won’t find him or her while you’re sulking alone in your bedroom.  If you’re gonna talk to the walls, why not make it all fancy schmancy with ruffles and lace and beachy colors and textures that long to be caressed?  You gotta get out there and ring your bell.  If you don’t think you’re a big deal… why would anyone else think so, either?  It’s time you became one of the in-crowd.  That’s means you need to be in Tybee Island.

I’m thinking of a cottage that started out as quarters used for soldiers during the Spanish-American War.  This duplex sits directly behind Officer’s Row and it’s a showplace for everything you love about Jane Coslick’s designs and coastal style. all my romance needs is you Cottage on the Green B is the attached duplex in the rear of the duplex building. It features an entry through a screened porch which is beautifully furnished. Cottage on the Green B is different and unique with its own charming vintage details.  Nostalgia warms you with a fun, vintage sign over the dining table. all my romance needs is you The wonderful living room has huge paned windows that bathe you in natural light. all my romance needs is you The kitchen features open shelving, a farm house sink and romantic lighting from Barnlight Electric. all my romance needs is you You’ll also find original local art and artistic touches peeking out at you from room to room. all my romance needs is you The half bath shows how an alluring use of original siding boards from the pre-renovation duplex walls give it that wonderful vintage uniqueness. all my romance needs is you There are two bedrooms.  One has two twin beds and an ensuite full bathroom. all my romance needs is you The other bedroom has a queen bed with a flat screen TV. all my romance needs is you The real boudoir de amore is this indulgent sleeping porch (accessible through the queen bedroom) on the rear of the cottage.  You’ll have sweet dreams in the queen-size bed.  It’s a perfect spot to grab a nap after a day at the beach, get lost in a good book or to just sleep here after a nightcap. all my romance needs is you Be sure to set aside the time to luxuriate in the outdoor shower that’s accessible from indoors through the full bath. all my romance needs is you Just one look at Cottage on the Green and you’ll be wooing these walls with, “All my romance needs is you.”  Discover how happy you can be just by yourself and then when you least expect it…  Turns out the universe was listening in all along.

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