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Month: August 2014

Mini Mermaid Labor Day Getaways

mini mermaid labor day getawaysIt’s time for our Mini Mermaid Labor Day Getaways!  Not everyone can break away for a full four day weekend and that’s okay.  We have a few cottages available for two and three night stays over the Labor Day weekend, so let’s take a look and start planning your visit.

August 30-September 4 Whitecaps, circa 1897 is an elegant, historic Officer’s Row home.  It’s just steps from the beach and has ocean views from the front porch.  This is on the quiet north end, so you’ll be very close to Jaycee Park and the …

Now I Lay Me Down To Tybee

now I lay me down to tybeeNow I lay me down to Tybee.  Yep, sleeping by the sea is just what everyone needs for that full night’s restful sleep.  The beds in Mermaid Cottages have been thoughtfully turned down with you in mind.  Anyone can make a bed, but it really takes a skilled Mermaid to create a sanctuary where you get the most of your sleep time.  Our Mermaids work with our cottage owners to help find just the right mattresses, pillows and beddings for each bedroom and we help create some pretty special daybeds. sleeping porches and hammocks, too.  Just wish upon a Mermaid and tell us if you prefer soft and fluffy or if you need a firmer bed to get your best rest.  Every cottage is special and here are a few from our collection with some of the best sleep chambers on the island.

now I lay me down to tybee

Layla and Kevin Palmer of The Lettered Cottage completely redecorated our Enlisted Mens Mess Hall circa 1929.  They created this dreamy twin bedroom that’s perfect for …

Transportation on Tybee Island

Look what we found on!

By Ashley Toro, Mermaid Cottages

Transportation on Tybee Island is very unique in that they offer many different varieties.

vintage-bike-on-beach 2Adult BikeBecause the island is only three miles in diameter, the best mode of transportation is your own two feet! Most of the shops, restaurants and attractions are all within walking distance of one another. Please note, there are two ends of the island, North and South, and both have their own personality. If you’re not a fan of walking, no worries! Tybee takes much pride in providing a bicycle friendly community for locals and visitors.

Take a morning bike ride down the beach at sunrise or an afternoon cruise through the local parks and trails. If you’re adventurous, you may want to try out the six-mile long McQueen’s Island Trail, aka Old Railroad Trail, along US-80. Watch the beautiful sun set across the open waters and you will find yourself in awe. It’s the perfect end to a great day on Tybee!

Enjoy Tybee’s Back Side

enjoy Tybee's back sideWe know you love Tybee’s great beaches and we want you to enjoy Tybee’s back side, too!  No, we’re not posting backside selfies to Instagram, but we do want you to take a look at some of Tybee’s most beautiful settings by the Back River.  Our Back River beach runs from around the 18th St. / South Jetty  to the Back River Fishing Pier.  It’s a quiet and small beach that features one of the most picturesque views of Little Tybee Island across the river.

tybee's back side

In addition to fishing, it’s also where you’ll enjoy loading your kayaks for a trek through the Spartina grass and Jack’s Cut on the way to Little Tybee.  Little Tybee is a 7,600 acre Natural Heritage Preserve owned by the state of Georgia. The birding is spectacular, as it is undisturbed and only accessible by boat. Contact a local captain/naturalist or a kayaking outfit to set up a visit.

tybee's back side

Paddle boards are welcome as is Yoga on the water.  Several of our Eco Tour Operators can also launch from here for a day of exploring the unique marine ecology to better understand the importance of Georgia’s barrier islands.

tybee's back side

And, if it’s a leisurely stroll or bike ride you’re looking to enjoy, just circle on back along Chatham Avenue and wave at our guests and locals sitting along the way, waiting for another spectacular setting sun.

tybee's back side

Many folks call to reserve cottages closest to the main beaches, but once guests stay along the Back River they’re hooked.

tybee's back side

Dutton-Waller Cottage circa 1938 is a historic Tybee raised cottage that’s been beautifully restored.  Enjoy the very easy walk to AJ’s Dockside Restaurant, the Alley III Kayak Launch and the Back River Fishing Pier.

tybee's back side

Flips Flop House is a fully restored and renovated historic Tybee ground level cottage.  Guests love its outdoor shower, bike rack and its two awesome porches!

tybee's back side

Heron Hideaway has amazing marsh views and the third floor screen porch is pure paradise.  Bird watchers delight at the steady stream of shore birds that wander by and our dolphins really put on a show when they know you’re watching.

tybee's back side

Mermaid Manor circa 1935 is another historic Tybee raised cottage surrounded by mature palms, live oaks and an organic garden.

tybee's back side

Tybee Tides circa 1930 is pet friendly, has a large fenced yard , a screened front porch and a garden.  The marsh is right out your front door where the sun quietly slips into the sea with majestic grandeur.

Tybee's back side

These are just a few of the many wonderful cottages along the Back River and marshes.  Now, we’re not saying you won’t ever …

A Little Mermaid

a little mermaid
Mermaid Autumn’s first look at her cover photo on the Mermaid Cottages website.

A little Mermaid reached out to us to share her love of the ocean and she sent us a series of photos that quite simply took our breaths away.  We just had to know more.  We reached out to this little Mermaid and her mom and her words have really inspired us to be sure we support the dreams of all Mermaids-In-Waiting.  Her name is Mermaid Autumn and this is her story.

mermaid autumn

“Autumn is a 10 year old spontaneous, playful, lovable junior mermaid.  She is a daughter to Christopher and Kara Trimmer and sister to Darius, Charles and Bradley.  Autumn has been swimming since she was a baby and she started swimming as a mermaid in pools the summer of 2014.  Autumn is a student at Kessler Elementary and loves the water, whether it’s oceans or pools.  Autumn loves mermaids and all water life, but she is most drawn to the unknown in the deep blue.  Autumn wants to help clean the ocean and its beaches and feels sad when she see human litter.  She wants to help save the sea turtles and feels confident that the turtles will one day soon be taken off the endangered list.  She currently is trying to start an Ocean Conservation Mermaid Group for juniors and is making orca loom bracelets for everyone that donates to her project/idea.  She would love to see more kids join her mermaid pod to swim and to volunteer for ocean clean ups.  One tail at a time, kids can save the ocean.”