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tybee time walks with the midwest mermaid

Tybee Time Walks With The Midwest Mermaid

Tybee Time walks with The Midwest Mermaid are when she strolls about taking in the history and the beauty of our little barrier island. Whether at sunrise or sunset, nature springs forth with daily show times for all to see. On Tybee Island, the clock slows down to a quirky, laissez faire and no one cares about deadlines or where the hands on the clocks may be.  It’s called Tybee Time and it’s just fine with all who venture here. The Midwest Mermaid sums it up best…

“It reminds me of a very important lesson in life. If something doesn’t seem right, just wait, it can change in a moment and become amazing.”

mermaid and her dolphin at sanford's place cottage

The Midwest Mermaid is our winter guest blogger and Mermaid Cottages is so happy to share her latest blog post. She’ll be sharing a photo blog of her snowbird stay with us as she works remotely from Tybee Island.

sanfords place patio dine

I had a friend visit from Chicago last week, and it was awesome to have a socially distanced dinner on my patio! I forgot how fun it is to entertain, especially outside. We had a great time catching up and she loved my cottage. She kept telling me how envious she is as she had to drive back early to avoid a snowstorm.

tybee time walks with the midwest mermaid
The location of my cottage is perfect. Since both East and West views are a short walk away, I ended up seeing the sunset this weekend. It was a great change of pace and I was surprised at how many people walk over to soak it in. A very chill vibe and a relaxing way to wind down the day.

It was a bit windy, but I did manage to spend a couple of hours on the beach this weekend. It was awesome to see everyone searching for seashells and I loved watching someone flying a kite.

tybee island sand dollar cindi dunn photo
Tybee Island Sand Dollar Cindi Dunn Photo

I am rich! One morning I was doing my usual walk and found 3 whole sand dollars. A rare find for sure.
One of the reasons I decided to become a MidWest Mermaid was to stay active. I am very happy to say I am still averaging over 100 miles of walking a month. I actually walk the same amount of time as I did in Chicago but am clocking in less steps. This is because I am walking on sand here on the island. It does slow me a bit, but I know it is a better work out. So, I am fine with it. And, so many of us morning walker(s) wave to each other, and it always brings a smile to my face.

tybee time walks with the midwest mermaid
Every day the sunrises surprise me. There are days when it is cloudy and I think, this won’t be a very good one. And, it is a favorite! Watching the sun peak through and the clouds taking on different colors is fascinating. It reminds me of a very important lesson in life. If something doesn’t seem right, just wait, it can change in a moment and become amazing.

Tybee Time walks with The Midwest Mermaid…

Well, it was bound to happen. I heard my first siren in 3 weeks! It was very faint but a sound that I used to hear all day. Was so nice to have a break from it.

tybee time walks with the midwest mermaid
I had no idea that South Carolina was so close to Tybee. I have friends who have a house there, so we met in Bluffton, SC for brunch. We hadn’t seen each other in over a year and agreed it was the highlight of our trip! We felt normal, even for a couple of hours. Low country friends are the best!

tybee time walks with the midwest mermaid
I finally had my first glass of sweet tea! It is, sweet! I did enjoy it though and understand why it is so popular. Next time I would love some vodka in it. LOL

the midwest mermaid

We’ve enjoyed these Tybee Time walks with The Midwest Mermaid and we know you’ll enjoy her photos and her diary entries, too.  It’s easy to enjoy your own Tybee Time walks.  Just walk this way…

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