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out and about in savannah with the midwest mermaid

Out And About In Savannah With The Midwest Mermaid

The Midwest Mermaid is our winter guest blogger and Mermaid Cottages is so happy to share her latest blog post. She’ll be sharing a photo blog of her snowbird stay with us as she works remotely from Tybee Island.

This week we have the special delight of being out and about in Savannah with The Midwest Mermaid. Savannah is known as the Hostess City of the South and that means lots of encounters with the locals. Southerners love to display simply charming and truly Southern manners. They’ve got South in their mouths.

A Tybee Island pick up line

tybee island pier

I was walking on the Pier and it was a beautiful sunrise. As I was at the end of the Pier, I see two guys watching the sunrise as well. The one guy said, my buddy here drove 4 hours to see this. I said, well, it was definitely worth it. The buddy then said, I haven’t seen anything so pretty….Until I saw you! Awwww….Made my day!

What Makes A Southern Gentleman

out and about in savannah with the midwest mermaid

I was in line to check out at Kroger. The cashier asked me if I had a preferred card, I said, no sorry. The guy behind me jumped into action and said he wanted me to use his card because there is no reason I should pay full price. Chivalry is alive and well here!

The Midwest Mermaid takes on Savannah!

sanfords place cottage charm

I had a friend who came to visit to celebrate her 50th birthday. We spent one night in Tybee where we saw an incredible sunset at AJ’s and had a great dinner.

ajs dockside tybee island ga

We laughed because in Chicago, one pound of crab legs cost $88.00. Here in Tybee? $22.00. And, she said they were the some of the best she ever had.

crab legs at aj's dockside tybee island ga
We had a couple of great walks on the beach and then headed over to Savannah! For those who don’t know, it is only 20 minutes away. We were excited to check out such a close destination.

out and about in savannah with the midwest mermaid
· Our first place we visited when we arrived was the Olde Pink House. What a Southern Experience! It is an incredible restaurant in an elegant mansion built in 1771. I ordered Fried Green Tomatoes (of course) and the Country Fried Chicken. This was the first time I had collard greens – they were delicious! I highly recommend this restaurant just a quick walk from the Savannah River.

fried green tomatoes at the olde pink house savannah
· It rained during our first day in Savannah but that just produced an awesome rainbow! No complaints here.

out and about in savannah
· I was shocked at the number of Container Ships that pass down the river. I felt like I was in Panama. At one point, we even saw dolphins jumping in the ship’s wake.

savannah container ship
· The next day we did a hop on hop off trolley. This was a great way to see many sights in the city and learn about the robust history. I loved seeing how many great movies were filmed in Savannah as well. We spent time in the square where Forrest Gump sat on the bench and saw the church where the feather was floating down.
· We also saw the house from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I have never read the book or saw the movie, and, as luck would have it, the book is on the bookshelf here in my cottage. Can’t wait to read!

the gryphon tea room savannah
· We had a great lunch at Gryphon Tea Room. I mean, it was time for some sweet tea! Many of the servers there are from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design). They were great and very theatrical. We tipped extra to these college kids.

byrds cookies savannah ga
· Someone recommended that I get cookies from Byrd’s which is a great company that has been in business since 1924. I had my eye on a tin that said “Bless your Heart” filled with cookies. As I went to check out, the cashier asked me if I knew what “Bless your Heart” meant in the South. I said, it is snarky which is exactly why I am buying the tin! She laughed and said she just wanted to be sure because it isn’t exactly a compliment. I loved that she was worried I might offend someone. (I bought it for myself BTW).

Out and about in Savannah with The Midwest Mermaid

· There is great shopping in Savannah. We spent quite a bit of time going in and out of boutiques with very unique items. One store, everything was made out of cork! Another store had nothing but lavender products.
· We had dinner at The Old Pirates House and worried it might be too touristy but it wasn’t that at all. The food was delicious, and we enjoyed being in a building built in 1754.

the marshall house savannah
· Our final Savannah experience was a haunted walking tour. This was 90 minutes of stories that had you on the edge of your seat. Whether you believe or not, Savannah is built on burial grounds and lots of unexplained things happen! I found it ironic many stories were based on the Yellow Fever and we were learning about it while we were in the middle of a pandemic. History repeating itself!

“The most exciting, challenging, and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself.” – Carrie Bradshaw


Back on my B.S. (Beach stuff)

out and about in savannah

· I was so happy to come back to my cozy Mermaid cottage and return to the beach. I took my bike out for a ride and who needs a peloton? Riding in the sand is an incredible work out with much better views.

out and about in savannah with the midwest mermaid
· I have always told people that I am an extrovert and get my energy from people. That is true, but this experience has taught me I also get my energy from nature. A walk on the beach gives me just as much happiness! I was today year’s old when I figured it out, and, am glad I did!

out and about in savannah with the midwest mermaid

Our Tybee Island Mermaids say The Midwest Mermaid fits right in with her impeccable ” white gloves and party manners.” You don’t have to be from the South to enjoy living so gracious. Location is just geography. Cottage charm and coastal calm comes from within…

out and about in savannah with the midwest mermaid

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  1. Returning to Tybee in the spring for the 4th time! Can’t wait to see my Mermaid cottage again, not to mention the beach!!!

  2. We spent a week on Tybee in a Mermaid Cottage. I loved it and would like to return sometime alone just for the time to think and regroup. I can’t think of a better place to do that either.

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