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June 20th "National take your dog to work day"

Today is the day to take your pet to work . is the official website for all the details! Danny and Max are lucky ( or maybe I’m the lucky one) because they are at work with me every day. In fact, they do keep me on track with my fitness program- if they aren’t walked in the morning by 9AM, Danny will bark and Max will just sit there and look at me with his big brown eyes until I notice him,get up, put on his harness and head out. Same routine happens around 5PM, another walk before dinner! Nothing like a dog to make your feel guilty!

The Today Show ran a story this morning about companies that offer this as a perk for their associates . Increased productivity and creativity were two pluses mentioned by companies that are pet friendly for their teams. And one CEO even said that his dog was so important that he will only consider a pet friendly hotel or vacation destination when he travels! Music to our pet friendly cottages and homes! View the video clip from the show.

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