Cozy Cottages & Happy Homes

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

June 2008

Mermaid sighting #2!

Our newest mermaid sighting! This handcrafted whirly gig mermaid whirls and twirls at the whim on the wind atop a sign created to remind you to slow down…….. She lives in front of the Enlisted Men’s Mess Hall directly behind Officier’s Row. John Mellancamp and family are her neighbors and the home right in front of the mess hall is called “Tara on Tybee.” The lighthouse shines above her and she’s happy as can be.

Shorty of Shorty’s Woodcrafts created her by hand in Bethany Beach, Delaware- he’s a 80+ year old former Ice Capades skater- read all about his fascinating life!

Technology on our little island

I was recently asked to submit a story to a radio station about how technology improves a vacation. I asked our Mermaid Cottages Technology Concierge , Michael Bodine for his comments on how Technology improves the island life, be it a weekend getaway or year round residence. Here is what he had to say:

“We also have wifi in many of our hotels and restaurants, plus the library and City Hall are equipped with wireless — the latter so that reporters (and visitors) can file their reports from meetings before they even turn off their laptops. Our campground offers wireless services at no additional charge as well.

We have two places that rent electric vehicles that people use on the island — one place rents electric bikes and the other small electric cars (golf carts, actually).

This evening we have folks going out to nearby Oatland Island Education Center to learn about the possibility of an off-shore wind farm for power generation.

I taught one of our residents how to use RSS — every page of the City’s web site produces an RSS feed, and she now gets instant notification whenever anything new posts on the web site. She reads, then posts Council Agendas to an email list along with notes on what issues folks should be concerned about! We also have links to whale sightings, live surf cameras, and to other outdoor recreational interests.

My partner in crime at City Hall is also a volunteer fireman, and we are both intimately involved in emergency preparedness training and details. Our City computers are on a rack that can be wheeled into an emergency trailer and driven off-island in the event of a hurricane. We have both SMR (push-to-talk, emergency services radios) as well as maritime VHF radios for communications if needed, and an automated method for warning citizens of impending weather emergencies is in our new budget for next month. We televise our City Council meetings over cable access channel.

And, of course, modern day electronics crop up everywhere — kayakers into the marsh creeks have GPS systems that track their path on the way in, so they can quickly find their way out when the tide turns!

None of this is all that remarkable except you would expect to find less of it on a small barrier island with only about 3500 full time residents!”

Thank you Michael! BTW- Michael is on call 24/7 to help any of our Mermaid guests with their technology needs- or just to get your laptop to work! Visit his website

Mermaid Sightings Number One!

The very smart and clever and extremely talented Miss Linda Bray has decided I need to showcase ” Mermaid Sightings” . So consider this your open invitation to email me ( any pictures of wonderful mermaids you discover in your life’s journey. Since this is Linda’s big idea and she just returned from a week in Jamacia , she wins the award of Mermaid Sighting Numero Uno. From the stunning ocean front resort in Negril, Jamacia called Tensing Pen is the Rasta Mermaid. Linda ends all her emails with her life’s philosophy “All of life is a journey; therefore, pack lightly and travel broadly.”

Waiting in Line

One of the favorite places for our visitors to eat when they come to our area is Paula Deen’s Lady and Son’s Restaurant. We all love Paula and love how much she supports and cares about the Savannah area and all the people here. The Today Show this morning just did a feature story about waiting in line and how people are attracted to waiting in line- because they know it must be good if that many folks are willing to wait! The Lady in Son’s was one of the places they showcased because the average number of people that wait in line- even now in the heat of the summer- is 50 people!!! Visit their website to see some mouth watering pictures of their true southern food! and be sure to visit ( and wait in line!)

A joy of summer- The ice cream truck!


Sunday was the longest day of the year. Summer is officially here. Today is Tuesday and I know that summer is here because I am sitting at my desk  working away. Answering my mobile phone, my office phone and even my blackberry phone . Everyone is trying to find a vacation rental home for 4th of July weekend. The price of gas hasn’t affected our travel one bit- at least not for this weekend!


Those of you reading this who’ve already secured your home are to be congratulated! There are dozens of less fortunate folks who did not have the planning skill that you’ve exhibited who are extremely disappointed because they are not going to be able to stay at a Mermaid Cottage this holiday weekend! AND will miss seeing our fabulous 4th of July fireworks show on the beach!

But back to my purpose for writing…. I’m sitting here working and then I heard the sound. I am a child of the suburbs, but my urban friends have told me the same sound played in their streets while growing up. Baby Boomers ( like me) Gen X and even Gen Y know this sound. The ice cream truck jingle!

We actually had an ice cream truck on the island today! Right down Chatham Ave she drove! But she was too fast and I was too slow and couldn’t get out of my seat, and on the street fast enough to buy a dreamcycle or drumstick… Go to these websites and listen to some of the ice cream truck sounds! Great summer fun!

Hopefully she’ll be back tommorrow with that happy sound playing!