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July 5, 2008

Some more 4th of July!

I really love the 4th of July. I think it’s one of my favorite holidays. My sister and brother in law love Thanksgiving , but I love the 4th. Seeing red, white and blue everywhere, most people have the day off, people are in such a cheerful mood…. I remember after 9/11 and how you’d see our flags flying everywhere , as sad as that time was, to see our flag everywhere just reminded us we are the greatest country in the world and will survive.
A little flag tip from Steve Olney ( who created the upstairs of Mermaid Manor) – when you have an American flag that is torn or tattered- you can drop it off at any American Legion and they hold a flag burning ceremony. You NEVER throw the flag away!

Look at these two great pictures from Fifi Flowers blog http://fififlowersdecor.blogspot.com/
aren’t these great??
The fireworks on the beach last night were truly spectacular. We walked down to the 8th street beach ( last year we were almost at the pier and it was way too close and too loud). Perfect spot! The wind was blowing from the south and was actually almost chilly ( well not really but it sure was blowing good). We were there around 9AM and if you looked north you could see the fireworks from Hilton Head AND Beaufort AND Fripp Island!! Then our fireworks started around 9:20PM and lasted a good 30 minutes…. Thank you to the city for a job well done!!

Today’s quote: “Who is rich? He who rejoices in his portion.” The Talmud