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July 13, 2008

Making News:Savannah Style

I’ve said it before, my guilty pleasure in life is watching Reality TV. Now I don’t watch just any and all shows, but I do have my favorites. Survivor sucked me in the first season ( along with most of America) and then The Apprentice and The Donald, but now everywhere you turn is another reality show you truly can’t believe is actually on TV. Denise Richards “It’s complicated” and the Real Housewives of New York City are two that really are like watching train wrecks, but again- so crazy that you sometimes watch just to see what they’ll do next.

However, there is an extradonary reality show on right now that I encourage everyone to watch. It’s on the TV Guide Network ( you know that station- usually station 3 which constantly runs all the shows on tv and the times but now has branched out into their own various shows?) The 2nd season of Making News is here and it features our local Savannah TV station!!!! And even better, features Tybee’s own local and all around great guy, Michael Sullivan, who is the very experienced Director/News and Community Affairs for WJCL/Fox 28TV Michael is also married to one of our favorite art Gallery owners- Irene Sullivan. (www.irenesullivangallery.com )
Michael just wrote a great article for the Tybee Breeze about his experience and my favorite quote in the story in how Michael told the big reason why the TV Guide Channel should select his station : “You can’t fall off the floor.” They were the lowest rated ABC affiliate for news in America. The previous General Manager for the station was in the federal pen for stealing from the station. The equipment was easily the worst in any station ( and half the time didn’t work properly) and the station was located between two car lots on the South side ( the south side….) of Savannah! Drama! Excitement! Reality TV where we actually know some of the key people! Tybee People no less!!! Tune in Wednesday nights at 8Pm EST on the TV Guide Network , or go on line and watch all the episodes so far to get caught up.

Sea Turtle Nest updates!

Nest 3 & 4 have been discovered! Nest 3 is just south of 12th Street beach crossover. Nest 4 is on the North Beach- just south of the southern most crossover by the North Beach Parking lot. We’ve also had 2 false crawls, but no nests- remeber- a turtle will come ashore to nest, but if distracted by lights or too much activity on the beach, will turn around and head back to sea. We need everyone to do their part to keep the lights off from 9PM on if your home or business faces the beach.

The nests will hatch 60 days after they’ve been laid, so for more info on the current nests, be sure to go to http://www.tybeemarinescience.org/