The Sea Largo Cup Cake Competition

Judy and Kathy ( the owners of Sea Largo Cottage – see my earlier blog on their story) are here for a few days with Judy’s mother Virgina who turns 94 next week. Teresa Love- our Mermaid Cottages Owner Services Manager has a birthday as well – so Judy decided she’d host dinner AND we’d have a cup cake competition for desert. Sue Bentley and I were the only takers since we both love to cook and share our goodies. Sue used to own a bakery here on Tybee so that may have given her the edge, but I’m an excellent reader of cook books and I have a brand new cookbook only featuring CUPCAKES!!! How much fun are cupcakes! There is a great place in LA that really started the cupcake craze which is a high light for me when I visit my dear Marriott friend Cindy Lou Goldsmith. Their cupcakes are handcrafted and just pure love and fun. Or as they say- a deliciously sophisticated update on an American Classic!
The cupcake I selected for the competition featured two of my favorite flavors- Chocolate and Peanut Butter. The cake part was the peanut butter and the frosting was dark, dark chocolate. Hersey’s has out a new cocoa that is dark chocoate and OMG- the frosting was definetly for adults- nothing kid like about this stuff! The cupcakes- I rationalized- were all good for you. I used organic brown eggs, organic white sugar, stone ground flour and of course the dark chocolate- which we all know how good this is for the heart! Sue selected a receipe from her favorite cookbook from the Maganolia Bakery in NYC. White cake and pink butter cream frosting. Except her twist was the SIZE!!!!! Yes, she made one giant cupcake.
We all decided that it was a total tie- how do you judge two completely different tastes that each is perfection in it’s on way! If you’d like the receipe , just post a comment and we’ll include the receipes in a future blog.