Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

July 18, 2008

Another photo shoot by Richard Leo Johnson

We had another visit to our cottages by Jane and Richard Leo Johnson. Regular readers will remember that Richard is a world class photographer and takes pictures of homes that are featured regualarly in Coastal Living and Cottage Living Magazines, to name just a few publications. Here are the pictures of their most recent visit to Fiddler on the Creek Cottage. Be sure to visit Richard’s website http://www.atlanticarchives.com/

Jelly Fish Squish

Jelly Fish are beautiful to watch- in aquariums that is. But we do not like the fact that jelly fish also come to our waters to enjoy the late summer season. Jellyfish who sometimes sting…. There are alot of known cures to stop the dreadful sting- urine being the most oft-proposed cure… however help has come in a different form.
One of our own mermaids, Miss Linda Bray, has a new man in her life and he’s a partner in a Savannah based company which has developed a cure for the dreadful sting. The name of the product is Jellyfish Squish and Linda’s friend is known to all of us as Squishman. Jellyfish squish works because it disables the toxins of the sting unlike the other cures ( ammonia, vinegar, beef tenderizer and baking soda and of corse the earlier mentioned cure….) Scientifically-developed and beach-tested – 86% of the test subjects reporting much or total use within the first five minutes.
Visit their website http://www.jellyfishsquish.com/ and you can purchase this great product at Seaside Sisters Coastal Cottage Shop here on Tybee. Thank you Linda for introducing us to this great stuff!