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My Mom, Cullen Jones, and his Olympic Gold Medal Win

What does Olympic Gold Medal Athelete and my Mom have in common? No, it’s not beacuse they are both winners. It’s that commerical that is running non stop during the Olympics where Cullen is thanking his mom for all her support!
He is such a genuine and authentic young man, you just want to burst with pride because he is one of the many exceptional people representing our country! I just heard his interview on NPR and they played the commerical on the air. Still makes you tear up without seeing the pictures!
My mom has always been there to support me and I’d love to do a commerical telling her how much she means to me! She just started to learn how to use a computer at the age of 81 and even better- has figured out how to read my blog daily- so I know she’s reading this! So as Cullen told his mom- Thanks Mom!!!
Play this great commerical especially if you haven’t seen it before. Even if you have seen it, play it again- just to remember your own Mom and what she’s done to support you .

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