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WOW! My first visit to Cafe Loco in years….

One of the things about life is how it just keeps surprising you with the re-birth and renewal of itself. When I first moved here, Cafe Loco was a local restaurant we went to on a regular basis. The location couldn’t be better, the deck overlooked the shrimp boats and Lazeretto creek. The sunsets were just the best- watching that big red ball drop over the marsh grass and wide Savanannah…. marshside heaven! The food was served on paper plates and was very causal, but still good. Then a fire happened and they were shut down and reopened months later. Even though my shrimp place ( buying shrimp right off the shrimp boats from Capt. Roy and the ladies at Lazeretto Creek Seafood) I just didn’t make it to the newly opened Cafe Loco. MISTAKE!


I met Joel Solomon at the Tybee Tourism meeting recently and he personally asked me to come and experience his restaurant. I truly love to support my fellow local businesses, for a lot of reasons, but the big one being I want to be able to tell all my guests when they ask about the best places to go and eat on the island…. Went to dinner last night, too late for watching sunset, but that will be a regular experience I’ve decided….)

I loved my dining expereince!! ( don’t I sound like a restaurant critic?) The newly rebuilt restaurant and bar is fresh and clean , yet still Tybee quirkly. Lots of fun things on the wall, windows everywhere to watch the water and the activities. Bright and cheerful servers ( gosh they’re young- or am I just getting older!). The food was really, really delicious. Thaddeus is the cook/ chef and he really took pride in his presentation. Local Crabmeat stuffed mushrooms caps, these little scallops and shrimp with a spicy asian sauce, gumbo with wild local Georgia Shrimp yum, yum, yum, yum!!!
The dart league started around 8PM and all those cute dart players asked if they could buy us a beer so a dart didn’t end up in our heads ( we were sitting right by the dart board) and thanked us a couple of times for moving. Live music plays on the weekend with local bands and singers.


I can’t say enough nice things about this place other then Go for yourself and have a great local seafood meal. http://www.cafelocotybee.com/ 912 786 7810. Let them know Mermaid Cottages sent you!

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