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Farrah’s Story

When I was in college in the 1970’s, we all tried to have Farrah’s hair. There is a picture of me with my college Pom Pom squad floating around my blog somewhere from last fall of our group in the 70’s what our version of this hair style- including me…

There was a special on NBC Friday night documenting Farrah’s fight with cancer. Extremely personal in how open she is about the 2 year plus struggle she’s going through. When she shaved her head finally – that hair that made her so famous intially- you wanted to cry because her hair is part of what so many of us grew up admiring…

There was one statement she made that I can’t get out of my head since I heard this on Friday night. About a year into her struggle, she just kept saying how she wants her life back. Not the Hollywood life of making movies or going to “must see” restaurants and events but the day to day life which made up her life . The moments of life that are too easy to forget. The moments of making dinner for your 93 year old Dad, spending an evening with your girlfriends laughing and having fun, spending time working on her paintings. She’s in the final stages of her cancer and the last few scenes were of her in bed because she’s too sick be up and around.

I can’t stop thinking about this because really and truly my life is pretty darn perfect in all it’s inperfectism. I think about how healthy I am and can walk the dogs for a hour at a time if I want because I’m strong . I can go to Huckapoos on a Saturday night – riding my bike in the rain- to heard friends perform and see other friends there. I can cook a dinner making anything I’d like to eat . After hearing Farrah talk so sadly about missing her day to day life I just keep saying a silent prayer of thanks for being able to have such a rich and full day to day healthy experience. And to all of you reading this as well, do the same. There is a wonderful expression out there which says ” If the only prayer you ever say is Thank You, that is enough”.

I’m saying Thank You right now and mean it with my entire healthy being!

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