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Month: May 2009

An Estate Sale and Yard Sale Saturday Morning

6:30AM meeting Kathy and Susan in the parking lot of SeaSide Sisters…. Armed with Kathy’s list of Savannah in town yard sales and estate sales…. She is a master junker with a passion for finding the best yard sales on a Saturday morning. 10 places on the list to hit and we’re going to be at that first sale when the doors open!!! First stop, Krispy Kreme Donuts with Cops on the Roof ( they were raising money for some good cause and staying on the roof the entire weekend….)

Loaded up with sugar and caffeine we’re off! Finds galore. Kathy found two incredible slip covered arm chairs for Breeze Inn, I found a vintage picnic basket, Paint by numbers art from the 1960’s and some great beachy furniture, Susan found an entire set of vintage yard furniture complete with cushions in great shape! Much of our treasures will soon be available for your cottage through SeaSide Sisters very soon or finding it’s way into one of the Mermaid Cottages. This picture is me with some of our finds at the end of the day..
We found so much great “stuff” that we had to return on Sunday with a truck and a van to pick everything up. Kathy said this was an exceptional junking day! Be sure to visit her blog for her version of the day…

The life of a Tybee Dog

Recently a few of us went to the Back River to watch the sunset over the water , marsh and Little Tybee. It’s still chilly here as the sun goes down ( we love the spring!!!!) and we were able to bundle up just a little and toast the sun set. Key West has nothing on us! Danny and Max joined us as we sat on the porch on one of the little fixer upper cottages just down the street from Mermaid Manor.

This picture of Danny is from our last trip to take my mom home to West Virginia a few weeks ago. My Honda CRV held three adults, 2 full sized Labs and of course our luggage.. Danny ended up sitting in the back on top of all the luggage hanging his big head over the edge of the back seat! A picture if there ever was one…

A Northen Mermaid Sighting!

My very wonderful friend Kim ( hopefully soon to be my Canadian Marketing Mermaid!) who lives on the glorious island of Prince Edward just found this chilly mermaid who lives on the side of a local fish and chips shack. Yes, that white stuff on the window ledge is indeed snow… Enjoy!