Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

COTTAGE CHEESE:Tybee’s Bird Sanctuary and Wildlife Refuge

Tybee is a rest area for migratory birds and other wildlife.  The majority of the island is covered in sand deposits from the Savannah River.  The more stable portions of the island are densely covered with eastern red cedar, wax myrtle and groundsel.   Saltwater marsh borders parts of the island.  At low tide the shoreline provides a resting place for many species of birds and animals.

Here for your viewing pleasure is a sampling of some of the more exotic birds and beauties and beasts you might see congregating on any given day.

They’re a social, gregarious bunch that plays well together.

Special thanks to the wonderful daredevil photography of The Tybee Breeze and Jim Glass and for anyone who ever said, “You’re never gonna believe what I just saw, so I took a picture to prove it was real!”

WARNING:  Don’t feed the animals.  Don’t poke the bears.  Don’t spit in the wind.  Don’t get too close or try to see what’s beneath the plumage.  You know the drill.

It’s about enjoying the sites!
It’s about appreciating the birds and the animals!
It’s about living the Tybee life!
It’s what all Tybee locals know how to do!

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