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At Mermaid Cottages, everyone is welcome and that includes your furiends, too!  As with all house guests, the key to getting invited back is to be a conscientious, thoughtful and polite visitor.  Here’s some information about bringing pets to Mermaid Cottages and Tybee Island that will surely win you points in the good manners department.

We love dogs, and many of our cottages are dog-friendly.  Please check the cottage listings to determine which of our homes allow dogs.


Mermaid Cottages Pet Policies and Island Rules for Dogs:

-Barking: The Tybee Island Noise Ordinance includes dogs barking. The fine is $300 per incident, and the city will fine you if any of the neighbors complain of the noise. Please be very aware of this ordinance.

-Pet Fee for Mermaid Cottages is $100 for up to two dogs ($100 for each additional dog).

-Pets are not allowed on the furniture or beds.

-Please clean up any pet “poo” in the yard.

-Dogs must be on a leash when walked.

-Crates– if you are bringing puppies, we do ask you to crate when you are not home, or at the very least do not let them have the run of the home.

-Flea and tick protection : fleas are here on Tybee in full force, so please be sure your pets are current on their flea protection medicine.

-Dogs are NOT allowed on the beach, and again– the city will fine you if you are caught. $300 per dog.

Tybee Island is a fantastic place to take long walks and your dog will enjoy it just as much as you.  It’s all part of the magical experience of Mermaid Cottages.  Come practice the art of slowing down.  For you, your family, your friends and your pet!

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