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COTTAGE CHEESE:How You Gonna Keep Em Down On The Farm?

How you gonna keep em down on the farm, after they’ve seen the Tybee Community Garden?

Of the many wonderful things I’ve experienced on Tybee Island, I can’t get enough of this incredible community project known as the Tybee Community Garden!  It’s located between the YMCA and the Old School and it’s already producing harvests year round!

Individual plots are 4 x 8 ft spaces that rent for $50  and there is a communal space, as well. The garden is remarkable to me in that it is self sustaining.  Particpants and partners gather rain water and condensation from around the island to water the plants.  No city resources are used!  There’s even a compost area that will soon provide the necessary nutrients to amend the soil for future crops!

Currently, the garden is for individul consumption and swapping, but eventually it will mature into a local market with fresh vegetables for sale.  The garden can always use more garden hoses, rain barrels, fruit trees and wood for staking tomatoes and new members are also welcome so long as vacant plots are available.

Got any heirloom varieties you’d like to share with the garden?  Contact Karen Kelly at 912 786 9719 or at karenontybee@aol.com.

It’s about honoring your green thumb!  It’s about developing a community resource!  It’s about casting your seeds and sowing them with kindness to reap many delicious rewards to come!  And, it all goes great with COTTAGE CHEESE!

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