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PULIS? Are You Pulling My Leg?

I saw two of these awesome, but curious looking dogs recently in Los Angeles.  I couldn’t help but laugh to myself about how cool they must be and I’d bet they’d keep my floors spic and span!

This breed is know as Puli, a type of Mop Dog.  It’s a Hungarian, medium small breed used for herding and protection.  Not to be confused with the much larger Komondors which are always white, the pulis are smaller and most often black.  Their coat naturally grows in cord like dreadlocks.

If you don’t own an active livestock farm for the Pulis to herd and protect just know they will soon regard your family as their herd and will keep you and your brood in line without hesitation.

This active dog is not well suited to in-home living and definitely not for confined spaces, but if you’re looking for a fantastic security dog that will get lots of exercise and love you, to boot, get a mop!

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