Keepin’ It REAL!

The lookouts are on alert!

We’re on hand to greet the next REAL…

No, it’s not a new installment of the Real Housewives Franchise…it’s something better!


Everyone knows that human-folks enjoy our quirky island and our vintage cottages, but some of our favorite sightings are the dogs (and some Puddy-Tats) we encounter.

Some are year round residents while others are here just for visits, but either way we love meeting them and learning about their adventures around Tybee.

Send us photos of your furiends enjoying Tybee and they just might end up on The Real Barkhounds of Tybee!¬† Oh, come on…if you send us photos of your pets enjoying themselves no matter where they are we’ll probably post their pics, too.

And, you can’t get a better shot than that of your dog enjoying our delicious, all natural dog treats, Beach Bum Biscuits.

Just go to, click on our BLOG link, post your photos and stories on our Beach Bum Biscuits¬†FACEBOOK page and we’ll do the rest!