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February 16, 2011

Your Forever Friend Is Waiting

Your forever friend is waiting.


Will you make the call?
We received this heartfelt letter today from Cynthia Sharpley of EVERYDAY ERRANDS by way of Jane Coslick
Hi Dear Pet Friends,
This dog was found with an awful and tight choke collar around his neck.  And despite it, he is a very loveable and happy boy.  We can learn so much from animals.
He loves car rides. As his rescuer drove him to the vet, he sat in the front seat like a good boy.  He is not neutered, but appears to be a healthy 40 pounds dog.  No microchip was found.  He loves kisses and is a gentle and playful sweetheart.
His rescuer, Leza Shore, already has three rescued dogs of her own and she is unable to keep one more.  She has him temporarily in the garage since one of her dogs is agressive.
If anyone is able to give this boy a temporary or permanent home please contact Leza at
912 224 3566 or   If not, please forward this email to others. The more people we can reach the better our chances of finding this sweet guy a good home.
Thank you, as always, for caring.
Time To Simplify and Balance Your Life
Cynthia Sharpley
912 484 8826

One of the most important life lessons to be learned is that if you rescue an animal in need it will turn right around and rescue you back!
Are you ready?

Live Like a Local: Beach Ecology Trips

     It might be February, but that’s no excuse not to be on the beach! Especially since our weather is getting warmer by the week here on Tybee. There are so many things to do on the beach, no matter what time of year, and one such activity is planning a beach walk with Tybee Beach Ecology Trips! Explore our island’s beautiful beaches, and learn something new, with local marine biologist, Dr. Joe Richardson. Dr. Richardson tries to plan trips around the low tides so you can experience the full range of Tybee’s coastal habitats.

     On a walk, you’ll see and explore tide pools, pull seine net, observe animals and see their adaptations, beach comb, and much more! A Beach Ecology Trip is perfect for groups of all sizes and ages, from families, to school groups, and even adult tour groups. These walks are a fun way to interact with the unique environment of the Georgia coast while you discover and learn about coastal life along the beaches of our state, as well as those of Florida and South Carolina.

     To learn more about Dr. Richardson’s trips, or to schedule a trip for your group, make sure to visit the Tybee Beach Ecology website. You can also follow them on Facebook, or simply give them a ring at 912-596-5362! Don’t wait for summer…anytime is a great time to learn more about our beautiful beach!