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February 9, 2011

WOOF! Hey, I’m Working Here!

Hey, Puppy-Wuppy!  You’re So Cute!

Guide Dogs and Service Dogs are beautiful animals, especially when they’re puppies in training,  but there’s an etiquette to keep in mind when you see one on the job!

* Any time you see an animal in a harness or vest know that the dog is working and you should not talk to,
   touch or do anything to distract him from his job.
* Do not treat the animal as a pet.  He’s a highly trained professional.
* Don’t assume the dog needs your advice or instruction.  The only person he should listen to is his handler.
* Don’t try to take control of any situation you assume is unfamiliar to the handler or the dog.
* Don’t walk on the dog’s left side.  That’s the side reserved for his handler.  Do walk on the right side and
   a few paces behind the dog and handler.
* Don’t attempt to grab a hold of or steer anyone with a guide dog.  Always ask the handler if any
   assistance is needed.
* Be patient and polite to both the handler and the dog.  You’ll be impressed with their skills!
* A handler and dog have a special bond and both are constantly learning.
* Never try to feed a trained dog.  Part of the special bond between a handler and his dog is the master’s
   responsibility to provide well balanced nutrition for the working dog.
* Never allow children to tease or abuse a service animal.  Teach children to respect the special job a
   service animal has to do.
* Don’t allow your family pet(s) to challenge or engage a service animal when it’s working.
* Never encourage a service animal to disobey it’s master.  That includes inviting a service dog to jump up
   on furniture when it’s against the master’s rules.
* Never allow a service dog to go outside unsupervised.  Understand and appreciate its value to it’s handler.
* Always talk to the handler, not the dog.  You might cause the dog to make a serious mistake.

The relationship between a handler and a working dog is a special brand of teamwork.  Appreciate it, honor it and respect it.

If you know of a handler and his/her special working dog who would like to share their story let us know.  Heroes are always welcome here!   


Live Like a Local: Savannah’s 22nd Annual Black Heritage Festival

     Tuesday not only began a new month for us, but also marked the beginning of Black History Month and the kick off of Savannah’s 22nd Annual Black Heritage Festival! This event is free, opened to the public, and runs through Sunday, February 13th.
     Every year there are acticities for all ages to enjoy, and all sorts of wonderful exhibits and shows to see. Just check out last year’s photo gallery for a taste! The City of Savannah and Savannah State University present this festival and there’s a lot to see and do, from visual and performing arts, crafts, cultural education, and music to dancing and historic tours. There will also be a Health and Wellness fair! Visit the official festival website for more information on the calendar of events and make plans to enjoy all the goings-on!

     One highlight not to be missed in the day-long Grand Festival Day celebration. This year it’s planned for February 12th in Savannah’s Civic Center’s Martin Luther King Jr. Arena. It’s sure to be fabulous fun! So, if you are craving a little culture, food, and fun, Savannah’s Black Heritage Festival is definitely something to check out!