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Pomp and Circumstance.  Rite of Passage.  The Pinnacle of Achievement.  Graduation Day.   Fulfillment of Destiny.

Behind all the pomp lies the most important circumstance.  Unto every life a time comes when each soul is called to serve a cause that’s greater than himself or herself and it represents everything that is good and honorable in this wonderful life we share.

Behind all the pomp stand many dedicated supporters and caretakers and remarkable talents that make a difference and make their lives a testimony for achievements .  They know that what we earn is our living and what we give is our life.  They have learned that a life of service is a life best lived.

THEY are the people who make up Guidedog.org.  Since 1946, the Guide Dog Foundation For The Blind, Inc.   has provided Guide Dogs to blind people who seek enhanced mobility and independence.  THEY include the sponsors, the trainers, the puppy walkers and their many supporters from all across our world.

In our particular circumstance, this includes Mermaid Cottages and our commitment to sponsor Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever puppies to be trained as Guide Dogs and Service Dogs for persons with disabilities.  We even have our own special Mermaid At Large, Sandy Leandro, a very busy travel and hospitality executive who is our Puppy Walker.  Sandy has raised and nurtured and socialized our latest puppies to become the best at what they do.

Recently, Sandy travelled to New York for CELEBRATION SUNDAY to attend the graduation of  Berkeley Springs, one of the dogs she
was puppy walker to and one of the puppies we sponsor.  If you’ve ever attended a milestone event for someone in your life you can appreciate the pride and love and hopes and dreams and all the emotions that swell up inside as you witness the recognition of  a worthwhile endeavor.

Thanks to Diane Kaufman and her devotion to championing the best that Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers have to offer through Mermaid Cottages, Beach Bum Biscuits and the life that she lives.

In this circumstance the pomp is well deserved and we honor Berkeley Springs for achieving his Celebration Sunday and meeting his forever companion as he walks through life.  This is our celebration every day!

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