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Danny + Peeps = Gobble Gobble

By now, everyone knows our Danny.  He’s our mascot.  He’s our photo shoot model.  He’s our Look-Out Sentry.  He’s our Ambassador.

He’s also a bottom-less disposal.

No matter what the holiday or what edible (and sometimes inedible) delight he spies he just has no willpower.  Easter always brings to mind the time he devoured the PEEPS Easter Cake.  The general rule for Danny’s Gastronomic Escapades is so long as the object of his desire is at least 12 inches from the edge of the kitchen counter it’s safe.  The thing is Danny never read the rules and he never met a PEEPS he didn’t like.

What do you have planned as an Easter surprise for your Pawsome Pal?  Be sure to send us your Easter Pet Pics and we’ll post them on our Facebook page!

We had originally wanted to post the pics of Diane’s beautiful Easter PEEPS Cake, so here’s the only photo she managed to snap of it.  Just minutes later she turned her back and it was gone.  The only clue to what had happened in the blink of an eye was the tell-tale sign of PEEPS sugar around Danny’s mouth!

Here’s wishing you a Happy Easter!


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