Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Color Me COOL

Well, summer has officially begun which brings to mind that it’s hot, y’all.

Now, we won’t cross the sharing boundary by spouting from a long list of old timey sayings about just how hot it is (such as it’s hotter than a rooster’s feet with socks on), so let’s just say it can get hot enough that our freshness may expire from time to time.   There’s not much you can do other than sip on a glass of ice water while fanning yourself, but I’ve found that  if I can’t get down to the beach to make the best of the sun I can just think about the coolness of Tybee’s blue skies.

This time of year the skies above our quirky island are the coolest shade of blue and just looking at the color can drop the summer time temperatures faster than Calgon can take me away!  What’s even better is when those cool blue skies drift down onto some of our cottages and bathes them in its coolness.

Such is the case with our wonderful little Crabby Pirate.  Come take a tour and enjoy the cool blues that pop up and peek out at you from it’s cozy walls.  If you find yourself in a hot spot and need a little relief just play this video and let our cool blues chase your summer blues away.

And, hot or not, you can always give us a call and tell us you’re on your way.  The welcome mat will be out.  We’ll color you COOL.

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