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We’re Running The Trash Out Of Town!

If you enjoyed the beauty of our Tybee Island beaches this weekend just thank the assortment of mermaids and mermen and visitors and wonderful locals that participated in the Mermaid Cottages Beach Sweep this past Friday!

We had so much fun we’re gonna do it again and this time we’re running the trash out of town!

Everyone is invited to join the Tybee Beautification Association for the next Beach Sweep on Monday, July 4th at 6:30 AM.  Meet us at the Tybee Pavilion to get your gloves, trash bags and trash grabbers and let’s show our Tybee Beach Pride and celebrate our nation’s Independence Day.  Also, it’s our way of welcoming our favorite moms from the sea, the Tybee Sea Turtles, and we want them to have the cleanest beaches for their nests!

Now, we’re not doing away with the word “trash” completely.  We still need plenty of “trash” talk for Pirate Fest, Beach Bum Weekend and for the opponents of our local sports teams.  The more we keep our beaches free of trash the more time we’ll have to indulge in “trash” talk fun!

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