Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

Me Thinks Thou Doest Purr-test Too Much

By: “Maddie” Madeline Belle Reed

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

I don’t get fireworks.  Does anyone understand why humans seem to love loud noises they make for no good reason, but when we bark at something REALLY important (like that squirrel in the back yard) they tell us to be quiet?  Annoying!!

Believe it or not there are a couple of things on Tybee Island that annoy me.

The first is running out of Beach Bum Biscuits.  Fortunately, this can easily be remedied by a trip to Seaside Sisters.  Disaster averted!!  (Here’s a tip:  You may want to send someone other than your mommy as mine never can hurry at this store.)

Secondly, Fleas and Mosquitoes.  Tybee has them!  Of course, you should be protected by your flea, tick and heartworm medications.  The trick is to be sure your human is protected, too!  You really don’t want them scratching all night and keeping you awake.  My mommy and daddy like to use those clip on things because I like to lick.

Finally…and this one is a little more complicated…THERE ARE CATS ON TYBEE!  I actually like cats OK, but Tybee has a lot of them and they tend to be very friendly!  You will want to try and avoid them, but it won’t be easy.  Start by keeping an eye out for yards with cat flags and statues.  This is often a good clue that a few live there.  When passing a yard like this move to the other side of the street and announce you have decided to take up jogging.  I must warn you this won’t always work as some cats are persistent and your human may decide to even pet them!  If this happens you’re caught.  I have had the nightmarish experience of having three come up to me and actually rub themselves under my chin.  If you have an experience like this what happens next is the most important part to remember.  You must act extremely miserable ( hint:  it won’t be hard).  Now, your human should say how unbelievably good and brave you’ve been and give you a triple Beach Bum Biscuit reward (maybe those cats aren’t so bad after all!).

"Horace & Scruffy" photo by Barb O, Mermaid Emeritus

Until next time, keep those tails up and those noses down!

Wet kisses!


PSSST….WOOF Alert!  Maddie will be back for another Tybee visit in August!  If you’re a member of the Pup-arazzi or just want to join Maddie’s Tybee Wag Pack let us know and we’ll give you tips on how to meet her.  Who knows…you might even be featured in a future Pets and the City blog.  Get ready to meet a real, live Tybee Pawty Girl!  Peace Out, Bark Boys!



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