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To Janma’s House We Go

by Cottage Cheese

Over the river and through the woods that frame the picturesque streets on Tybee Island…to Janma’s house we go!

Mermaid Cottages is proud to welcome one of our youngest mermaids in training, Miss Breana!

Breana is the 4 1/2 year old granddaughter of our own Mermaid Jan.

When Breana last visited she was just 3 and she climbed all the way to the top of our historic Tybee Lighthouse.

“Don’t stop, Janma!  All the way to the top!

Janma now says the best way to climp to the top of the lighthouse is with a three year old.  They take it steady and slow.

This visit, Breana is looking forward to Dolphin Tours, the Tybee Marine Science Center, the beach, feeding alligators, and of course, Janma, Pop and Aunt Shannon!  Aunt Shannon has a great hill, so Breana will have a Slip N Slide party, too!

 After all, that’s what Tybee life is all about.

Mermaid Jan has her own special way of tossing up curds.  Something tells us she just might be persuaded to do it Breana’s whey for a few days.

Oh, it always helps if your loved ones’ visits include a stay at one of our vintage cottages like the wonderful Canty’s Cottage.  Take a little walk through tour and you’ll see what we mean: http://youtu.be/wK4u_-yDEAw

Share your joy for life with those you love.

It’s the best kind of Cottage Cheese!







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