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Mermaid Cottages Tours With Captain Harvey

Mermaid Cottages‘ waterways adventure with Captain Harvey and his Sweet Lowland Tybee Tours was the extended tour, so there was too much to share in one blog.  Last week we shared our expedition through the Spartina Grass and this week we’re featuring a clip from the second half of our tour.

You’ll notice that the back river and marsh waterways can have a browish or greenish hue.  That’s because the waters around Tybee are rich in organisms and sea life that support the food chains that populate our barrier islands.

Notice the almost unbelievable crystal blue skies that smiled down upon us that day as the wispy clouds floated along in tow.  They provided the perfect halo under which we were greeted by the pod of dolphins that feed all around Tybee.  Of course, there’s a very stiff fine for anyone caught feeding the wild dolphins, but they welcomed us anyway and seemed to know Captain Harvey’s boat as one on a mission to protect and promote the conservation of their fantastic water world.

Lucky for us, Captain Harvey is also one of the heroes dedicated to the preservation of the Cockspur Lighthouse.  I’ve always admired it each time I’ve passed it from the road, but to see it up close is an intimate treasure.  It has saved many ships and lives in its time and it’s also been an eye witness to the history that makes this country so great.

It’s all part of the dream world we call Tybee Island.  It’s the circle of life and we are very lucky to get to share it.  I guess the best way to convey just how special this day was and how inspired we felt by Captain Harvey and his tour is just to give it our highest recommendation.

Every being has a tune living inside him.  Some people die with their song still hidden inside.  Not Captain Harvey.  Not the dolphins who live around Tybee.  And, for three very lucky Mermaids and one fortunate Merman our songs were in perfect harmony, too.


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