Happy Little Cottages By The Sea

Cottage Charm, Coastal Calm

No One Told Tybee Summer Was Over

by Cottage Cheese

photo by Julie Cioni-Corbin

One of the most endearing qualities about our cozy, seaside cottages and historic homes at Mermaid Cottages is that each house has a soul of its own.  Sometimes the soul of a cottage just reaches out and connects with a guest and a bond is formed that is hard to put into words.

Lucky for us, Kerri,  a recent guest knew just how to share her sentiments about the cottage in which she stayed.  It was so wonderful and beautiful we wanted to share her prose about this Tybee Island jewel.  At first, she was torn as to whether she wanted to share her newfound discovery with everyone, but we managed to persuade her.

Here for your enjoyment and pleasure is Kerri’s poem.

Summer, Extended, 2011 

No one told Tybee that Summer was over,
. . . had been over four days . . .
. . . that the Autumnal Equinox, guided by a New Moon,
had ushered in the reign of its chilled, windblown short-day season.

Perhaps the waxing moon’s tenacious tug on the tides
kept Summer’s deposal at bay.
Beachside, waves curled like muscles and crashed in protest;
while the sea rose, flanking high to engulf the grassy marsh.

Or was it the cicada symphony strung so sweet,
so insistently rousing wave after wave
of audible standing ovation for the passing Season?

Fall paused in the anteroom, lingering over incomparable Summer’s sunsets,
I saw it.

We were so blown away by Kerri’s poem we unanimously granted her honorary Mermaid status.   Kerri was moved by her cottage stay and we were moved by her words.

Everyone has a tune inside of them.  Some people die with their song unsung.  Not Kerri.  And, thanks to her wonderful, poetic words neither will we.


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