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Month: November 2011

Mermaid Sightings: Just Hanging Out

Mermaids come in all sizes, colors, shapes and forms.  Sometimes they’re just hanging out waiting for you to notice!

Our favorite Techie Merman, Michael, spotted this beauty recently while he was supervising the cable installations at our cottages:

“Okay, not a REAL Mermaid, but definitely one of your staff – this tough little girl was standing guard while the Comcast tech and I swapped out cables at one of the Cottages. She gave NO GROUND when I got close enough to take a decent picture – I had to back off a little bit to get her in focus, in fact, and while I was up closer, she was starting to rear up in the more classic “prayerful” mantis pose. I’ve seen a couple of little baby mantis on Tybee, typically around 1/3 of an inch long, but this one was at least 3″, maybe 4″ long. I love these bugs, since they tend to eat pests, and I was pleased to see one outside one of the Mermaid homes, taking care of our environment!”

Mermaids are wonderful, magical creatures…no matter what form they take!  Be sure to let us know when and where you see Mermaids and you could be featured in one of our Mermaid Sightings Blogs!

Come enjoy Tybee For The Holidays and Shop Small, Y’all!

Shop Small, Y’all!

November 26 (this Saturday!) is the 2nd Annual Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to supporting small businesses on one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year.

This year Mermaid Cottages wants to spotlight products and services created and produced here and we want to encourage everyone to take the time to look closer at purchases we all make.  We’ll be sharing our favorite Made In America goods and we hope you will, too.  When you find great products you’d like to help promote please share them with us on our Facebook page, on Twitter and with comments on our blogs.

These Are The Moments

Mermaid Cottages invites you to our candyland of cottages for your family portraits!

Everyone knows Tybee Island is a wonderful paradise for spring and summer fun, but have you ever thought about enjoying our little hamlet by the sea for the off season?  Our cozy cottages and historic homes are the perfect backdrop for your holiday get togethers and what better place to record these special memories?

These are the moments…the special gifts in every life…

One very photogenic and special family did just this on a recent visit to our very romantic Old Love Cottage.  Angie, Trent and their sweet baby, Scout, spent a few days with us and they brought the remarkable Folds & Ghiloni Photography to capture this moment in time.

What’s The Best Pawty Treat For The Holidays?

Beach Bum Biscuits!

Mermaid Cottages is proud to sponsor Service Dogs through three awesome programs, including our Beach Bum Biscuits.  

We have always sponsored Guide Dogs like Boomer, Clarke, Berkeley, Erik and Tony (meet them on our Service Dogs page) and this is just another way we can continue these awesome programs.

Southeastern Guide Dogs’ Puppy Sponsorship Program

Your stay with Mermaid Cottages will continue the efforts to support Southeastern Guide Dogs’ Puppy Sponsorship Program, which make it possible for disabled individuals to realize their independence through the use of a service dog. These programs also assist returning soldiers soldiers with a variety of needs including post traumatic stress disorder.

The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind

Your stay with Mermaid Cottages will also support The Guide Dog Foundation For the Blind. Since 1946, the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc. has provided guide dogs free of charge to blind people who seek enhanced mobility and independence. …

Hey Good Lookin’ What’s Cookin’?

Hey good lookin’…what’s cookin’?  Why J-Prons, of course!

These fabulous accessories are the handy work of Jackie Callahan and her company, J-Prons! Jackie is a self proclaimed “semi-empty nester” and wanted to fill her evening down time with creativity she doesn’t get the chance to let loose at her day job as a registered nurse for an insurance company.

“I have always loved to cook and, for some unknown reason, always loved aprons,” Jackie told us.

So, she found a pattern, bought some yummy fabric, and pulled out her 28 year old Singer sewing machine. Not long after, her first apron was finished and the addiction began. Jackie says it has been so much fun finding whimsical fabrics and fine-tuning her own designs.

 “My husband, Tim, came up with the company name, J-Prons. Jackie+Arpons=J-Prons! In addition to the aprons, I also make slouchy shoulder/beach bags and baby/toddler hats. So, like our motto says, we’ve got you covered!”

Make sure to head over to the official J-Prons Facebook Page and learn more about these fun, fabulous designs and keep up with all the new additions!