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The newest memeber of the Mermaid Family

Sue and Gary Bentley with our Mermaid Cottages family ( Gary is our accounting office and Sue is our “can do everything” gal) have adopted a beautiful new dog! Ace comes from Marantha Farms which is an amazing adoption/ animal rescue group dedicated to helping injured, abused and abandoned animals find their forever homes. Isn’t that a great expression! Your forever home! Sue and Gary recently lost their two dogs, Misty and Charlie – both who had lived long happy dog lives . Ace is- in Gary’s words- the perfect dog! Loving, knows his name, happy to sit by Gary all day long while he’s working and just “happy to be here”. He knows how lucky he is to be rescued!

Visit for more details on this non profit organization and when you can- use which is a new search engine and on line shopping mall that donates 50% of its revenues to whatever charites you designate every time you search ( so we hope you’ll designate marantha farm) .

And next time you call Gary’s office for anything – be sure you ask him to tell Ace hello!

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