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White girl dancing….

One of my best friends in the whole world is here for her annual 4th of July visit- Penny Paxton from Pittsburgh PA – we met in college and have remained dear friends all these 30 something years. ( 30 years??????? ) . Penny is in great shape thanks to eating right and working out 4-5 times a week. She arrived and said- let’s go to Zumba class tonight!
Now, I’ve heard all about Zumba and been wanting/ meaning to go- Laura Celaya who owns the Crabby Pirate Cottage and Marsh Mermaid House is a fitness teacher at the Y and teaches Zumba at the Habersham YMCA. But 8AM to go off island seems like a bit too much, but tonight’s Zumba class was at our own little Tybee YMCA. Our Y is like everything else on Tybee, just a little quirky. The attendees were a wide mixture of visitors and locals and our instructor was about 18 years old- cheerleader perfect and you know she was just picturing herself up on stage with Hannah Montana as her back ground dancer…. very nice young lady and so happy to be there and teaching us the wild hot latin dances. The contrast of her blonde perkiness and the latin sound just added to the fun. And so we start….. salsa music playing loudly and all of us are trying to keep up. Speaking only for myself, I’m a pretty coordinated person but trying to do all these latin and hip hop dance moves while following along was definetly a work out. The mental pressure to not fall and to not seem like the middle aged white woman that I am was the hardest part! Hey- if Madonna can dance like this- why can’t we! She’s 50 just like we are! Our instructor was so relieved when each dance was over and none of us had fallen down or tripped over our own two feet that she literally would applaud after each dance with a sigh of relief!
Here’s how zumba is supposed to be done http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZVIv5Wmlts&feature=related One of my summer goals is to at least be able to get some of those salsa moves down!
For the YMCA schedule go to www.ymcaofcoastalga.org for the zuma and all the other classes while here visiting the island.

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