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Mermaid Sighting #5

The Parkman Family are some of my most avid blog readers- they own the incredible cottage here on the island called Tybee Shutters- on the corner of Second Ave and Second Street- be sure you drive by and marvel at how cute this cottage is!!! They love it here with a passion, but life and work and two very active kids dictate they still live full time in Atlanta , but come to visit when they can. Diane Parkmas showed up at my door last week with this great hand painted tile and said- here’s the newest mermaid sighting! Thank you Diane and the entire Parkman family!
The big news is I’m learning how to use a digital camera. My wonderful sister sent me hers- she just received a newer model and my daughter gave me her old one- they are both the exact same – Kodak Easy Share. I know most everyone in the world has been using a digital for years, but this is a brand new experience for me. I have two camera’s – the exact same and all the equipment that comes with them- docking station, picture printing station- cables, wires, batteries, chargers- the list goes on. But the really and truly exciting news is I took this picture, then finally figured out how to load it onto my computer and miracle of miracles- actually figured out how to put this on my blog!!! I am always astounded how when one puts their real energy behind something, it gets figures out!
So now I will be carrying one of these two digital cameras around with me and taking pictures ( and loading them onto my computer) of all the very quirky and funny and sometimes truly amazing I experience on a daily basis here to share with all of you!

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