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Birds and Bees and my flower box!

My flower box in front of my house continues to attract the birds and the bees! I’ve had a number of bumble bees enjoying the flowers and today -yet another ruby throated hummingbird!! Appartently there is a nationwide decline in bumble bees- which is NOT a good thing, but my wild native flowers is attracting them here to me! There is a website for everything in the world and bumble bees are no exception. visit http://www.bumblebees.org/ and you can learn everything you need, including the specific type of window box to plant to attract more of these hard working little guys. This is a picture I took of my flower box, you can’t see the bumble bee ( I wasn’t fast enough to get the picture of the humingbird either!). BTW , if you haven’t read the comments on the last blog I did on humingbirds, go back and read what one expert added about these little birds. Great reading!

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