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We have this great local FREE publication on Tybee that everyone reads- both our visitors and our locals. Shannon and Sundi Marino are the publishers/ editors and do a great job capturing the quirkness and charm of our Island. We make sure all our homes have the current issue for our guests to enjoy because it’s just so much fun. 

The current issue has outdone itself- and the best part is, none of this was written tongue in cheek- but real ads and articles. Here’s what had me LOL last night when I read the current issue. This is an ad for The Crab Cab ( how smart is that name!) which is the only on island taxi cab. Here’s what the Ad reads:
Cab Driver Wanted:
  • Full or part time
  • Must be Tybee resident
  • Must be able to work some late nights
  • Paid in cash every day
  • Great for retire male or female
  • Good driving record a must
  • No drunks or druggies
  • Call 912 441 3304

Now what has me laughing is where else but in Tybee ( or prehaps Key West) do we have to spell out we don’t want drunks or druggies driving our cabs….

So while here, please feel confidant that you can indeed call The Crab Cab and have sober and clean drivers!

To learn more about the Breeze- go to http://www.tybeebreeze.com/


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