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Hurricanes and the Georgia Coast

Many of you ask me about hurricanes and should you take the trip insurance we offer on our website. I always encourage you to take the insurance if you think there might be a reason why you need to cancel. Sickness, older parents, kid’s schedules are all reason why vacations need to be cancelled, but one reason that I really don’t worry about is hurricanes. Of course I can’t promise we won’t be hit, but here is some information about hurricanes and the Georgia Coast that may make you feel better.

The last “big one” to hit Savannah and Tybee was August 27th, 1893 as a category 4 hurricane. Our part of the Eastern Seaboard is among the most storm-shielded area of the coast. “The likelihood of a direct hit by a big storm is very, very small.” WTOC TV Meteorologist Pat Prokop. “We are about the furthest point on the East Coast. We are located in somewhat of a cove. Hurricanes traveling from south to north will largely miss us.” However the storms that threaten our area come in the “back door”which means they brew in the Gulf of Mexico and hit us by land. These storms usually produce high winds and heavy rains but seldom produce the damage from storm surges or cause evacuations.

There is a fascinating website you can visit to learn more about hurricanes and also track hurricanes throughout the season. The National Hurrican Center website is worth checking out.

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